Case Studies

CASE STUDY 1 – Tax Analysis

A client, who has been with Berkowitz & Associates for many years, has a fully depreciated building and was offered 1.5 million for the Real Estate. Based upon preliminary analysis the client would have had to pay $400,000 for Federal and State taxes. Fred Berkowitz suggested a 1031 Exchange, where tax is deferred if the property is properly exchanged for another investment property or properties.  Ted Waldron of North Shore Advisory Group searched the country until he found three (3) properties of high class A quality for which my client could invest and receive a monthly yield on the total cash investment and should also recognize appreciation over time. The exchange was done through a QI (Qualified Intermediary) recommended by Fred Berkowitz. The cash flow as and the favorable tax treatments on the property income have satisfied the client’s needs.

CASE STUDY 2 – Business Entity Guidance

An investment client of North Shore Advisory Group (NSAG), was forming an entity and needed guidance as to the nature of the business, setting up the books and records, and the tax consequences of the income or loss of that entity. They met with Fred Berkowitz and his staff to devise a plan that would give them flexibility and protect them to the extent possible from creditors, if the need ever arose. This strategy is helping the client meet their goals.

CASE STUDY 3 – Inheritance Accounting

Ted Waldron of North Shore Advisory Group (NSAG), had clients come in who had recently lost a parent with considerable assets. Ted formed a consortium consisting of an Estate Lawyer and Berkowitz & Associates to handle the very complex situation in order to protect the inherited assets and to get a full accounting overview on a periodic basis to the descendants. The tax, accounting, legal, and investment advice from Ted Waldron has helped the beneficiaries with the troubles that they faced.

CASE STUDY 4 – Family Business Buyout

Berkowitz & Associates CPA’s has handled a family business for many years.  The son of the founder decided to buyout his fathers’ interest. The parents of the founder, the founder, and the son of the founder are all clients of Berkowitz & Associates.  Fred Berkowitz recommended how the purchase should be structured for the most favorable tax consequences. After transactions were drawn and completed the founder had excess cash available for investments. North Shore Advisory Group (NSAG), assisted in the investments to help the founder retire and keep his present standard of living. This strategy has helped the clients meet their goals.